Manage, Update & Distribute Accurate Product Information To All Your eRetail Channels Up To 90% Faster With Catsy - The Affordable, Easy To Use Online PIM Platform

Catsy centralizes all your product data in the cloud, eliminating errors and making it fast and easy to manage. Automatically generate upload-ready load sheets for each of your key retailer accounts with one click, without manual input or adjustment. Plus, enjoy increased revenue by identifying out of date information and updating your product listings in minutes.





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"Catsy helped us organize product information, made it available to multiple sources simultaneously, and helped us easily make changes with a small department."


Reduce Errors By Managing Product Content & Images In One Centralised Platform

Keep your entire product catalog and all digital assets such as images in one place. The latest versions are always 

Proven ROI: Grow Revenue - Easily Update & Optimize Content Across Every Retailer

Grading your product listings and keeping them updated means improved conversions across all your retail channels.

Save Time: Eliminate Manual Data Edits & Push Updates To Each Retail Account In Minutes

Pre-formatted, upload ready load sheets are exported with 1 click, meaning no more manual editing to fit retailer requirements.

Hundreds of US manufacturers choose Catsy to keep their product content consistent and updated across all sales channels. Plus, they can automate the updating of product feeds across all retailers by exporting upload ready load sheets with 1 click.

Proven To Save Up To 90% Of The Time Spent Managing, Updating & Publishing Product Content To eRetail Channels

Easily Publish Updated Product Data To All Your Retail Channels


"Our distributors and their customers are able to find information on our products very easily and very quickly, 24/7."


Our expert team is on hand to help you at every step, including migration of your product feeds to Catsy's portal so you get up and running with your key accounts as quickly as possible.

Full Onboarding Assistance & Fast, Responsive Support Via Phone & Email

Set Up Includes Weekly Calls With Your Customer Success Manager For Hassle Free Product Feed Migration

Quickly centralise, manage & update data & images

Eliminate content errors & out of date product info

Export data to ALL major US distribution channel platforms

Product migration & setup by our implementation team

Fast, responsive product support via phone & email

Get Updated Load Sheets to Every Sales Channel With 1 Click

Manage & Share Up-To-Date Product Info & Images In One Place

Catsy makes it easy to keep track of the latest product data and images. New content is easy to import. Once entered, every distribution and sales channel can be updated to the latest versions with one click.

Create Retailer & Distributor Ready Content In 1-Click

Easily export products to ANY number of retailer, distributor and dealer templates with a single click. All content is formatted for immediate approval across each channel - reducing the time spent manually editing files up to 90%.

Easily Increase Sales With Improved Product Listings

Content and images seen in your product listings directly impact conversion rates. Quickly deploying improved, up to date product info means better conversions, more sales and faster revenue growth for your business.

Proven Results & A HUGE Return On Investment

Catsy PIM has been proven to save up to 90% of the time it takes to manage and update product listings across retail distributors. PLUS, the average business saves $10 for every $1 dollar they spend on Catsy - an ROI alternative platforms can't compete with.

Here's Why Hundreds Of Manufactures Choose Catsy To Simplify Their Product Information Management & Optimize Listings Across All Their Key Accounts

“It's been a pleasure working with Catsy. We like the fact that we are positioned for the future and can deploy consistent data to any channel.” 

Danno Moy, Marketing, Knipex

“The system itself rocks! Goodbye filling out spreadsheets manually thanks to Catsy. Hello having a database that's easy to use, yet robust! Would highly recommended Catsy to fellow businesses.

Charlie Spencer - Marketing Manager, UMC Products